Some links from various projects etc

(all open in new windows/tabs)


Web projects (from my projects)




Phonography : field recordings and sound art


Soundasart : Newsgroup for Sound Artists


Sanlist : Sonic arts Newsgroup (now part of Sound and Music)


Sound and Music




World forum for Acoustic ecology , lots of stuff about listening and the environment


Orchestras and Companies


London Sinfonietta


Philharmonia Orchestra Education portal


Artist led collaborations company


Sonic Postcards



Drake music , projects with disabled people





Ultrasonic MIDI interface


new interface for Special needs


Software (other than the obvious Cubase etc)


Audiomulch : an environment for manipulating and treating sound, generating audio and performance/installation (win/mac)


Max/Msp : widely used system for doing all things with audio


Forester: Sound transformation and foraging (win/mac)


Audacity , free audio editor (cross platform)


Coagula, image (BMP) to sound conversion


Soundplant, computer keyboard as a sample player


Moonfish, groovebox player


Tuareg, rhythms and performance tool


Hammerhead Freeware drum machine


Pauls extreme sound stretch (use VERY carefully to stretch sounds to extreme lengths, Win)



Some more interesting stuff


electroacoustic resources

more instruments and useful links


Lumisonic: generates spectral images, sound transformation and Wii control (win/mac)



Further reading and odd things


The inventors of the iLog


Hacking Guru, performer, author


The essential book for hardware hacking


Useful intro and overview


One of the pioneers of sound as phenomena


Great selection of significant recordings


experimental musical instruments





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