Piddocks : released on Linear Obsessional Recordings

Free download and booklet.

Part of a series of pieces exploring field recordings with generated materials and other incidental sounds.



Pholadidae, known as piddocks or angelwings, are a family of bivalve molluscs similar to a clam.Pidocks are unique in that each side of their shells is divided into 2 or 3 separate sections. Furthermore, one of the piddock’s shells has a set of ridges or “teeth”, which they use to grind away at clay or soft rock and create tubular burrows. The shape of these burrows is due to the rotating motion of the piddock as it grinds the rock to make its home. The piddock stays in the burrow it digs for the entirety of its eight-year lifespan, with only its siphon exposed to take in water that it filters for food. When the piddock dies and leaves an empty tubular burrow, other marine life such as sea anemone, crabs and other molluscs may use the burrow.

Mode 5 Down the Mountain (Movie online)

Following the premiere screenings at the Drone Cinema Festival in Leiden and Seattle my audiovisual drone composition Mode 5 Down the Mountain is now online.

More information about the festival is here 

and an article here

Mode 5 Down the Mountain: In 2014 I was working at the Verbier Festival in Switzerland leading composition projects with young musicians. On my day off the weather was against me and I found myself at the top of the hill in rain with fog closing in all around. Somewhat dismayed I boarded the Telecabine at Savoleyres to go back to the village dangled the microphone of my recorder out of the window and recorded the journey. All the material comes from this recording with the addition of synthesised drones and images generated from the spectral content of the sound.