A new album (on cassette/download) to be released on the Linear Obsessional label this summer.

Cove is a series of four pieces created during a residency at Cove Park in February 2019 as part of an ongoing project with Articulate Cultural Trust.

Sonification of landscape, field recordings and live improvisation with the elements.

Cover artwork from time-lapse movie looking out from the converted shipping container where I was living.



Sneak preview:Calm pond bubbling stream excerpt

Linear Obsessional: Linear Obsessional

Cove Park:





2.5 Cycles Syst/Diast (unconfirmed interpretation)

I recently had to have a 24hour blood pressure monitor, (everything is fine).

I ended up with 24 hours of data consisting of Systolic and Diastolic pressure as well as heart rate. The machine took these readings every 20 minutes for 24 hours (with a longer interval at night time).

This is a mapping of this into audio for 2.5 cycles of the data

Systolic and Diastolic pressures are mapped directly onto pitch and the heart rate is mapped onto tempo (using audiomulch). After one cycle of 24 hours there are harmonics added into the sound so that the sound becomes more complex.

Sys dia

The graph is of these two figures starting at 9:30 am


Its quite a long piece (32 minutes)