Titles and Questions

having just written a blog entry following on from a visit to Steim in Amsterdam last month (you can read it here http://steim.org/projectblog/?p=2549 ) i remembered the list of short articles i was going to write for this website……… so here are the titles (to be added to and written about as time permits)

Fair Isle (lots of time staring out of little aeroplane windows ! this is Fair Isle on the way back to Inverness from Shetland)

    1. indoctrinated imagination
    2. intrinsic forms
    3. owning and meaning
    4. 500 types of cheese (on diversity)
    5. provenance and meaning
    6. a repertoire of processes
    7. false histories of music
    8. distillation
    9. Microphony and Mikrophonie
    10. the myth of spontaneity in popular music
    11. what are the fundamental elements ?
    12. against “workshops” (with Alexi)
    13. what’s music for ? multiplicity of function , functional models (and their limits)
    14. “music technology” and the invention of the piano
    15. abusing tools
    16. the problem of R&B in participatory work (homogenisation and choice limitation)
    17. the tyranny of choice
    18. the essence of collaboration
    19. Gertie and Gus (how to teach people to fish)
    20. Imagining music (without sound or object)
    21. Curiosity as the primary motivation
    22. participation at all costs ?
    23. Content, context and accessibility
    24. the types of musical experience (a recording is not a performance , this is not a pipe !)
    25. glitch and “error” as sound objects
    26. Sound over pitch
    27. the difference between a note, pitch,frequency and the dangers of confusing these
    28. the conspiracy theory of contemporary music
    29. the familiar vs the strange
    30. unique opportunities , recognising them and building things from them.