London Sinfonietta Sonic Explorations Festival

I’m making a series of pieces for this festival at Kings Place , London. My event is on Saturday October 3rd @ 4.30 and features a number of new works made in collaboration with a group of young people and three musicians from the ensemble. We will also be playing a piece which is entirely generated by imgage to sound software (using this on 8 computers linked to 8 loudspeakers. I’m also writing an acoustic version for Bassoon (Adam Mackenzie), Trumpet (Bruce Nockles) and Viola (Bridget Carey) so that the same sequence of sound events happen in both pieces.

Here’s the score

Coagula Piece Green on Black



more information on the festival can be found here


Here is a photo of the rehersal

the piece was called

o1: compose <play>

Instrumental version Score