The Sound House


The Sound House is an online project for the Wigmore Hall that draws on their extensive archive.

Over the last 9 Months I have been working in collaboration with Dotank studios (who made the excellent Isle of Dogs soundmap) and Rus Pearson ( to create a series of “rooms” that contain sounds and music relating to the Hall, its historical context and what happens there now.

The website is now online and is here (Opens in new tab)

amongst the things to find on the site are

  • A timelapse film and audio of the auditorium during one day
  • A series of pieces created with students from Pimlico Academy taking archive programmes as the source
  • A piece composed from different applause in the hall
  • A series of recordings of the Heath Quartet in different acoustics
  • A piece composed from interviews with artists
  • A piece created from the sounds of tuning up